About Us

Reyna RCM Services is a group of company of Arche Softronix Pvt.LTD .We Established since 2009 with the vision of providing Software Services to different industries. We currently maintain over 3 years of experience as a complete provider of medical business solutions for physicians with special attention to revenue cycle management, account receivable audits, and billing & collections. Our highly trained staff of billing and collection specialists operates on the cutting edge of all new regulations, statues, and laws concerning reimbursement issues.

World Professional Doctors OR Efficient Medical billing = Better Patient Care

Whether you are a Doctor or a Dentist, we care for you, we care for your money and make sure your pocket is not empty. Get your insurance claims faster with us. Your trust is our motivation, our excellence will blow your mind, and our staff will take care of your claims. Together we stay healthy so heal yourself with our services.

Billing Service for Medical and Dental Providers:

Whether you are a Doctor or a Dentist, we have the right combination of outsourced service designed to suit your needs at every level. At Reyna we understand how a smooth-running operation allows physicians to focus their time and energy on better patient care. We like that.This arrangement not only makes your practice make more efficient but is also very cost-effective. Our Support Services directly result in:

  • Maximum Reimbursements
  • Fewer Denials
  • Faster Payments
  • Fewer Insurance outstanding
  • Increased Productivity
  • Lower operation costs ( By upto 40% )
  • Simplified Workflow

For Hospitals: It’s simple and effective: Reyna deals with the financial aspects of worker’s compensation, personal injury claims and their relationship to managed care contracts. Thus freeing your hospital‘s billing staff from the overwhelming burdens of these time-consuming and quickly changing functions. Our expertise enables us to effectively collect proper reimbursements and appeal adverse decisions on your behalf.

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