Patient Co-pay Collection

Patient Co-pay Collection


Patient Co-pay is and any other patient-responsible balances is collected at the front desk when the patient checks in.

The best time to collect payment from patients is when there is an opportunity to do so face to face. Practices develop and communicate clear policies to patients, enforce them routinely and consider the option of rescheduling non-emergency appointments if the requirement is not met.

Multiple payment methods are offered to make the process of paying a bill easy through flexible options that include cash, check or credit/debit card. This practice will increase the likelihood of collecting amounts due while the patient is in the office and can streamline overall billing processes.

Various payment plans are offered to patient that let them pay over a period of time, which is communicated to patients effectively and are tracked properly.

Follow-up is part of the routine activity to maximizing collections from patients, with proactive timeline for initiating phone contact.

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